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Warranty Conditions Tohose applicable to www.bullpardiso.nl/eu



1.  Purchase protocol for customer;

General: puchase of out products, you agree tot thes Tems and Conditions.

   Bullparadiso does not do business directly with the ende customer when they carry out Dropshipping deliveries, to ensure our anonymity.


  • Dropshipping shipmens: the customer has 48 hours to report possible incidents to het dropsshipper after receipt of the delivered product.



2.  How should you prodceed when receiving a shipment ?


  • Alle our articles leave the warehouse with the packaging in perfect condition.
  • The first thing you need to check is whether the received package matches your shipped order.


 3. What can I do in case of an incident ? ( Damage during transport, Wrong product, Missing product, Missing parts)


You as a customer 48 hours from receipt of the goods to report an incident.  offered by other providers, as we want to make it easier for dropshippers to obtain and provide alle reguired documentation. After this period, we will no longer be able to claim transport insurance and the incident.


You can send the messge tot helpdesk@bullparadiso.eu


 4. Order not received, for questions about shipments not yet received or for shipments where you not receidved alle the parcels that haven been sent (partial receipt).


  • By post.nl or DHL we can have your order delivered to a post collection  location in the region wher you can pick up your order yourself. However, it is up to us to check whether the order has arrived from the recipient and we are not liable in the event of non-receipt of your order.  If the order is not correct please inform us immediately together we will look for an agreed solution. You can avoid this in all certainty by sending the package by registered mail.


  • Order receidved. to report incidents after receiving all packages of your order.


  • Provide you with accurate photos of the delivered product. You will give a Clear explanation of what the clause is about. You schould also include the requuested images of the subject of the claim in the appendixk.


 5. How to return goods with manufacturing defect to bullparadiso?


  • Prepare the package in optimal condition and presentd alle defective products in (a) cardboard box(s). Remendber that the original boxes of the products shoud arrive intact, without stickers or damage. That is why it is essential to reinforce boxes and to seal them well.
  • The warranty covers manufacturing defect and in no case covers wear and tear of misuse. We wil only return the money for the products that have a manufacturing defect, so you should inspect hte products theat show singns of wear and thear or damage carefully. In case of damaged packaging or with courier stamps, 100% of the value of the product will not be refunded.
  • The process of checking and refunding the merchandise may take several weeks from the moment of receipt at the warehouse.


 6. When dos Bullparadiso not refund 100% of the product value?


  • When the product shows obivous signs of misuse or unjustified damage, or arrives in poor condition;
  • If the procuct is returned without the packaging, with daged packaging, or with tranport labels that make the packaging unusable-50% of the product value will be deducte;
  • If the product is returned with missing parts or accessories, or if the incident description is false - the procuct will not be rufunded.
  • Very important: no refunds will be made for returned products that have defects or missing incident description.


Due to huginic regulations, you can only return the following items if you have not opend the packaging (This is determined by law in accordance with Article 10. paragraph 8):


  • Wigs
  • Thongs and lingerie
  • Catsuits
  • Tight and stockings
  • Alle sextohs incuding vibrators and dildos
  • Condoms, lubricats, crems and tablets can never be returned     


 7. How long is the warranty period?

offering the highest guality and the best guarantee is our commitment to our customer. All items marked🏆 warrante period are quaranteed for a period of two years from the date of puchase of the product.


 8. What is not corvered by the guarantee?

  • Deects coused by neglect, blows, misuse, manipulation, wrong voltage or installation, or wear and tear are not covered.
  • In the case of computer products, the warranty does not cover virus removal, program recovery or reinstatllation after formatting.


9. The warranty will be declared null and void:

If any detail or the warranty of proof of puchase has been modified, alterd, or replace; and/or-

If the idenification number or the product under warranty has been tamperd with, or if it has been repaired without the prior approval of the Technical Service.



Additional costs

The Distance Selling act gives you as a consumer the opportunity to judge the product at homen. However if the product is damaged during the assessment , cots will be charged tor this.


General terms and conditions

Return process

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